About the course

Duration: 9 days
Maximum number of participants: 25
Location: Classroom and Sport Centre in Prague
Instructors of the course: the full course leads Timothy Gallwey, assistant Michal Ondráček;



  • Module 1: April 2015
  • Module 2: June 2015
  • Module 3: September 2015


119.000 CZK + VAT
109.000 CZK + VAT Price for KC graduates and ICF members:

Participation in individual modules can be purchased individually, sequentially from 1 to 3 module.

Module 1 – 45.000 CZK + VAT; for graduates 39.000 CZK + VAT (April 2015)
Module 2 – 30.000 CZK + VAT; for graduates 26.000 CZK + VAT (June 2015)
Module 3 – 60.000 CZK + VAT; for graduates 52.000 CZK + VAT (September 2015)


Graduation and Certification:

Graduation and Certification modules are different. Graduation Certificate means you have completed all workshop requirements. 
To be certified as an Inner Game Coach, you must also have complete the assigned between-Module tasks and assignments as well as be considered ready by Tim Gallwey or his representative.



Open until March 15th 2015

Number of spaces is limited (25 participants). Your place will be reserved upon a completed and accepted application and upon payment of the registration fee.

For more information on registration, please contact Michal Ondráček, director The Inner Game International School CR/SR.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or GSM: +420 602 711 915.